We have been using the Chi Lite for a year now. My name is Ella McCracken and my husband’s name is Mike. We own a cattle ranch in Arizona. What I love about the Chi Lite is that the light has many uses.

I cut my finger very badly and needed stitches. I put a butterfly bandage on the cut to hold the two sides together and used the Chi Lite for 20 minutes at a time throughout the day. By day two the skin held together and was already healing. By the end of the week it had healed. By week three the nerves had healed too.

I have used the Chi Lite on healing an abscess in my mouth under my dental bridge. That took 3 days. Also took away the pain, which was considerable.

I have used it on ear aches, sore throats, sinus infections and much much more.

My husband Mike got kicked by a calf while branding and I took him to the emergency room. The hand was not broken but the skin on the back of the hand was gone. There was nothing to sew together. When we got back to the ranch, I used the Chi Lite on the back of his hand frequently for a week. The skin grew back in that time. And he hasn’t any scars.

I give this statement in all honesty and recommend the Chi Lite as a first aid tool in any house hold, ranch and so on.

Ella McCracken

Gold Bar Ranch, AZ