I feel quite blessed to be able to own a Chi Lite. I have used it to great success for many issues.

I have been a massage therapist since 1980 and the stress in my hands became a terrible problem.

In 2 months of inconsistent use the lite healed my thumb from pain restriction and triggering. It is once again strong and painfree and I haven’t used it on my thumb since.

When I had back pain I slept with the Chi Lite propped against my back and I could move in the morning.

Cuts have healed well and rapidly…and getting a cut on my hands can be a big problem for my working.

My knee went out of place and 1 day of using the lite with another therapy and I could walk painfree again. Then I had my knee adjusted.

At 60 these issues come up and the Chi Lite has been a fabulous way to deal with every hurt and problem. I am also faithful to put the Chi Lite in my belly button to clean my blood every day and I know I am doing something amazing for my health. I really feel very energetic and strong.
Ruth Stevens
Chino Valley=2C Az