Simply place the Chi Lite on your skin or directly above the afflicted area.  Hold it in place for about 5 minutes. Then move it in small circles around the area. Maximum benefits come from an application of 20 minutes, repeated several times a day.  With a recent injury like a burn, you may be able to watch the wound heal before your eyes.  Long-term scars and wrinkles may require many weeks of treatment.

Four Modes

The Chi Lite cycles through four modes each time you press the green button at the bottom:

Solid beam – high Calms and sedates. Slows cell frequency. For pain, swelling, burns, sore muscles, sinus issues.
Solid beam – low
Pulsed beam – high Increases circulation. Quickens cell frequency. For cuts, wounds, scar tissue, insect bites, acne, increasing collagen.
Pulsed beam – low
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