Are there any known dangers to using the Chi Lite?

No. The Chi Lite has been used by thousands of people over the past 25 years, with no known issues.

Where should I put the Chi Lite?

Directly on the skin or about an inch above the skin, depending on what you’re treating.

How long should I apply the Chi Lite?

About 5 minutes on the primary area, and then moving in small circles around the area for up to 20 minutes. Repeat twice a day as necessary.

How many times will I need to use the Chi Lite before seeing results?

Small wounds may heal with one or two applications. Deep internal issues or wrinkles may require weeks or months.

Why does the Chi Lite flicker at first?

The Chi Lite cycles through four modes: solid beam high; solid beam, low; pulsed beam high; pulsed beam low. It flickers to tell you where you are within the cycle, and then switches to the appropriate beam. You won’t be able to see the pulses.

When do I replace batteries?

The Chi Lite will become a bit intermittent when the batteries are low, and then turn off completely when the batteries are depleted. Simply insert 2 AA batteries, like you would with any flashlight..

When should I use the solid versus pulsed beam?

In general, use the solid beam to calm or sedate tissues, such as to alleviate pain. Use the pulsed beam to stimulate circulation, to heal things like cuts, wounds and scars.

When should I use the high versus low beam?

Use the high beam to penetrate deeper into tissues, treat larger areas, or for fast results. Use the low beam for areas around the eyes and to conserve the batteries.

Does the Chi Lite work on animals?

Yes! It is very effective on animals, who appreciate its soothing and non-invasive therapy. It has been proven to work on dogs, cats, horses and many other animals. Use it exactly as you would on a human.

How long will my Chi Lite last?

With normal usage, it should last for many years. As with any electrical device, don’t submerge it in water.

Is the Chi Lite a laser?

No. Lasers use focused beams, and are very expensive. They can only be used by licensed medical professionals. The Chi Lite uses red LED technology, which offers 90% of the efficacy of a cold laser at 10% of the price, with a much longer product lifespan. It is safe for use by the general public.

Is the Chi Lite guaranteed and warrantied?

Yes. It comes with a 30-day unconditional money back guaranteed. Return it with a note to Liteworks for a full refund. It also has a one-year warranty. Liteworks will send you a new Chi Lite if yours fails to function properly within one year of purchase.