We have been using the Chi Lite for a year now. My name is Ella McCracken and my husband’s name is Mike. We own a cattle ranch in Arizona. What I love about the Chi Lite is that the light has many uses.

I cut my finger very badly and needed stitches. I put a butterfly bandage on the cut to hold the two sides together and used the Chi Lite for 20 minutes at a time throughout the day. By day two the skin held together and was already healing. By the end of the week it had healed. By week three the nerves had healed too.

I have used the Chi Lite on healing an abscess in my mouth under my dental bridge. That took 3 days. Also took away the pain, which was considerable.

I have used it on ear aches, sore throats, sinus infections and much much more.

My husband Mike got kicked by a calf while branding and I took him to the emergency room. The hand was not broken but the skin on the back of the hand was gone. There was nothing to sew together. When we got back to the ranch, I used the Chi Lite on the back of his hand frequently for a week. The skin grew back in that time. And he hasn’t any scars.

I give this statement in all honesty and recommend the Chi Lite as a first aid tool in any house hold, ranch and so on.

Ella McCracken

Gold Bar Ranch, AZ

Ella McCracken

The Chi Lite helped to heal a foot infected with MRSA, stopped a nosebleed immediately, relieved nausea and vomiting in five minutes, made mosquito bites stop itching and helped to heal a broken foot. It is a very good product!

Dianne G

Diane G.

After years of problems sleeping and many drugs for insomnia I have been delighted to get a full night sleep by using my Chi Lite with the solid high beam on the top of my head for a few minutes each night! No more sleeping pills for me ever!!



I had a C-section and my mother brought the Chi Lite over for me to use. I was able to move around, get up and down much better and start doing normal stuff within a week. It helped me take full care of my new baby because I didn’t have Daddy around a lot to help due to work.

Another time I burned my forearm at work with a curling iron and used the Chi Lite. Within 3 days new skin grew over and it healed in 1 week instead of 3 weeks! Any time I have a stomach ache, using the Chi Lite makes it go away almost instantly.

Sharissa S.

Sharissa S.

I feel quite blessed to be able to own a Chi Lite. I have used it to great success for many issues.

I have been a massage therapist since 1980 and the stress in my hands became a terrible problem.

In 2 months of inconsistent use the lite healed my thumb from pain restriction and triggering. It is once again strong and painfree and I haven’t used it on my thumb since.

When I had back pain I slept with the Chi Lite propped against my back and I could move in the morning.

Cuts have healed well and rapidly…and getting a cut on my hands can be a big problem for my working.

My knee went out of place and 1 day of using the lite with another therapy and I could walk painfree again. Then I had my knee adjusted.

At 60 these issues come up and the Chi Lite has been a fabulous way to deal with every hurt and problem. I am also faithful to put the Chi Lite in my belly button to clean my blood every day and I know I am doing something amazing for my health. I really feel very energetic and strong.
Ruth Stevens
Chino Valley=2C Az

Ruth Stevens

I began using the Chi Lite for pain relief after being diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. I slept with it on me for about a month and my checkup showed the cyst was resolved! I think the Chi Lite is great because it is easy to use, portable and works well on a lot of things!



I have been using the Chi lite for the last year and have had great results with reducing arthritic pain in my thumb, I’ve used it for allergy relief on my sinuses, I also sleep with it on my lower back and get relief from pain. I leave the Chi Lite on at my Hair station and my clients are seeing relief while sitting in my chair and using it for their pain while I’m doing their hair!
Let your love light shine!


My name is Wesley Doran. On Tuesday I broke my big toe, of course the colors told all. Swelling up to the middle of my foot. Kim Lytle lent me her Chi-lite which truly worked amazing wonders. The swelling and color are fading and I am able to wear a shoe and walk almost normally. Thank you for this truly wonderful miraculous lite. By the way I am a retired Nurse. Again thank you.

Wesley Doran